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Treatment products and honey

The new batches of our popular treatment cream and treatment oil are now ready for sale! Treatment cream combines Treatment oil with moisturising waxes, glycerine and oils in a deliciously light cream.  Treatment oil is a blend of African raw oils including baobab, avocado, macadamia, moringa, rosehip and essential oils. It is especially suitable for older skins or skins with sun damage.  

If you find that your skin looks dull, it would be a good idea to use organic honey as a daily face moisture mask. If you don't have the courage to plaster honey all over your face, try the Honey 2-in-1 wash and face mask.  It is not sticky and contains more than 52% organic honey.

Our little factory is on a agricultural smallholding in the Kalahari, close to Kathu. The next door farm runs an organic honey bee project. Some of our honey and beeswax comes from the local project and some of it comes from the Upington area, close to the Oranje river. We also get beeswax from the semi-desert area of Vanzylsrus. It is close to the border of Botswana and currently this area looks like a sand desert, due to the severe drought.

Because of the drought we are not able to harvest local or Vanzylsrus honey at this time, as the bees need their honey stores for their own survival. Once the rains have started to fall in greater quantities, we can harvest the local honey again. I will keep you updated!