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This is our story

We live right in the centre of nowhere and everywhere. Our house is about 600 - 1000km from the big towns in our beautiful country. Our closest town is the very lively little town called Kathu, known as the little town under the big trees.  The Kalahari is home to our products and also to our hearts. The locals say that if you walk barefoot in the red sand, you will lose your heart forever to the Kalahari!

I have two lovely daughters and a wonderful husband. We have recently celebrated our twenty third wedding anniversary. He is always willing to assist me in the business with my strange requests for machines, lifts, stirrers and tippers.

We have a cat and two dogs who are not allowed in the factory or office, to their utter disgust. The cat is clearly superior to me in every way, if I go by her attitude. The dogs are always glad to see anyone!  We have a wide variety of wild birds, some lizards and mongoose that come to feed in our garden.

Please feel free to send me your comments on the products and also any questions you may have on the ingredients or production.  I will answer to the best of my ability and knowledge.



Tel: 079 534 9360